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Opal London have created the Dry Body Brushing Course to add another dimension to your treatment menu.

The dry brushing technique stimulates lymphatic flow to aid and increase the speed of toxin removal, helping to remove toxins and improve the texture of the skin. The skin is exfoliated, the circulation increases bringing a fresh blood supply to the surface of the skin, leaving the skin smooth and glowing. The different brushes used in the treatment produce distinct results on the subcutaneous or adipose tissues making this simple, effective, holistic treatment equal to more invasive electrical enhancement treatments.

Lymphatic stimulation treatment is ideal for all age groups, excellent for sluggish systems where over-work and stress take their toll and a beneficial treatment for those who enjoy a little pampering.

Dry brushing is an excellent prelude to many treatments, for example, massage, tanning, body wraps, etc. It prepares the skin for deeper penetration of products, therefore increasing the benefits and effects of the treament.

Course Title
Dry Body Brushing

The Course
This course offers a comprehensive guide to those wanting to learn the specialist techniques for professional Dry Body Brushing treatments. You will be taught what body brushing is, how and when to use it. You will learn about the various types of brushes and their effects. We cover a reminder of the Lymphatic System, look at contra indications, care and hygiene. We work in depth on the practical side to ensure all therapists are competent and confident in the treatment.

One day

Taylor Made Beauty, Buckingham. On site training is available but will incur additional charges.

NVQ Level 3 or Equivalent

Course Format
Theory and Practical Workshop - Demonstrations with practical hands on work covering the use of the techniques

Course Content
- History of Opal London
- What is Body Brushing?
- When and how should Body Brushing be used?
- The Brushes: Types, Care of, Hygiene Points, Uses & Unique Selling Points.
- The Lymphatic System
- Client Preparation, Treatment Methods & Aftercare
- Practical demonstration and application

Successful completion of the course is recognised through the award of a CPD certificate

110 per therapist

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