Eyelash Extensions

Our Eyelash Extension course does not tie you to one supplier. We use Nouveau lash glue because we believe it gives the best result and the lashes last longer. We source other products from a range of suppliers to give you the best quality whilst keeping the cost down.

Eyelash Extensions are indivdual synthetic lashes applied and bonded to the natural lash. There are varying lengths from 8mm - 12mm with different thicknesses and curls.

The treatment can be very profitable, with each treatment costing less than 2 in materials. Salons can charge up to 100, depending on their location.

Course Title
Eyelash Extensions

The Course
This course offers a comprehensive guide to those wanting to learn the specialist techniques for individual Eyelash Extensions. A small amount of theory will be followed by extensive practical work on models.

One day

Taylor Made Beauty, Buckingham. On site training is available but will incur additional charges.

None - you do not need any previous qualifications for this course.

Course Format
Theory and Practical Workshop - Demonstrations with practical hands on work covering the use of the techniques

Course Content
- What are Eyelash Extensions?
- Contra-indications
- Consultation
- Curl Types, lengths and thicknesses
- Pre-adivce
- Application Procedure
- Aftercare Advice
- Removal
- Maintenance

Successful completion of the course is recognised through the award of a CPD certificate

110 per person

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